News Roundup: February 27th

Good Morning, today is Monday, February 27th, and here are the stories that interest me.

Three well known people: French Historian Henry Rousso, Australian Children’s Author Mem Fox, and Muhammad Ali Jr. were all detained and questioned at length by US Border officials over the past few days. Rousso, on travel to Texas A&M, was detained for ten hours and was about to be sent back to France until an immigration lawyer came to his defense. Ms. Fox, 70, was questioned for two hours, which left her in tears, after questions of her visa came into doubt. Mr. Ali Jr. and his mother was questioned over their religion, and their home countries. This points to a worrying trend at the border. In each case, the US Border control cited “Misunderstandings” and “inexperienced staff” as the culprits of these high profile cases, but many are questioning the new direction of the Border enforcement agencies amidst talk of a new Travel Ban coming into effect from the Administration in the near future.

Kim Jong-nam, Half-brother to North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un, was assassinated with the nerve toxin VX says Malaysian Minister. Two weeks ago, two women accosted and smeared Mr. Kim with a jelly claim that they were told to do the action as a TV prank. Several experts believe that the two women smeared initially non-lethal components of VX on him which combined into the dangerous nerve toxin. There is no cure for the VX toxin, which is considered a Biological weapon by the UN.

Slovenia’s legalisation of Same-Sex Marriage went into force this weekend. The country passed a law ten months ago following a referendum rejection the ability for gay couples to adopt. Country activist are still striving for equal rights under the law, but see this as a step in creating a more inclusive society. Slovenia now joins more than 20 countries that permit Marriage Equality.

I hope you have a great day!

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