The weight journey, walking down Ponsonby

Today, I went for my first walk in a long time. In the past, when I would push to lose weight, I would start with walking. Generally, I would walk for an hour, seeing how far I could get. Now since I would start at heavier weights, I would push myself too much, and conversely, I would get terrible blisters on my feet. Being stubborn, I would continue to walk, only to make it worse. Generally, I would expect 2-3 weeks of blistered feet, covered in bandages and generally being miserable. That, with my extreme dieting, I would start to lose weight, and eventually power through.

With the surgery, my Doctor has advised me to not push myself too much, part of the problem with exercise to lose weight is that is can be counter-productive. You exercise and you get hungrier, and then you eat… and with a surgery that shrinks your stomach by 80%+, that can be an issue. You eat and it stretches out your stomach, defeating the purpose of the whole thing. I can attest to this, because I would exercise and have terrible hunger, unable to abate it and making myself miserable.

Anyhow, I *do* need to exercise, and I know that the weight I am going to lose is not all going to magically go away. So, the doctor told me start off with 40 minutes of walking when I was ready.

Well, today I was ready. I put on my walking clothes: a red shirt that is starting to get baggy on me, and my gym shorts. These shorts were one of the last things I could wear when I was at my heaviest, with a knotted drawstring that started to cut into me. Today, they were quite loose. I will not be able to wear them in public much longer. I put on my shoes, bending over easily to put them on and tie them, another difference from a month ago, and I set off. It was one in the afternoon, and I decided to walk down Ponsonby Road. For those unaware of Auckland, Ponsonby Road is where people gather on the weekends for brunches, lunches, boutique shopping, and some of the more “hipster” places in town. I put on my music, and set my timer for 20 minutes. I began and started walking. People were out, the day was gorgeous, and I fell into my own world. I walked briskly, but not too hard, listening to my music. This is definitely something I wouldn’t do a few weeks ago. Besides the physical, it was more the fact that I felt halfway decent. In 20 minutes, I manage to walk to the end of Ponsonby (2kms), and then walked back. At the end, I was exhausted, mostly due to the fact that I am still not eating a whole lot, and being on a liquid diet does mean you run through your energy quickly.

But I did it. It wasn’t the furthest, or the fastest I have walked, but it was a big step, and doing it during the busiest part of Sunday down the road was pretty good too. I am getting my confidence back… and maybe that will translate to seeing my friends instead of hiding away in my apartment.

While I don’t think I will do this tomorrow, keeping my feet in mind, and noticing how much energy I expended,  I think it will be in my future later this week. Tomorrow, I start on pureed foods, and I may allow myself a banana smoothie (with Peanut butter for the protein) at some point, though I need to make sure not to make it a habit. Though, I will give a review of some pureed food I ordered from The Pure Food Company, so keep an eye out.

And with that, onwards to monday! Seeya tomorrow 🙂

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