The Nintendo Switch, and the reality of growing up

Today, I made the decision to not get the Nintendo Switch at launch.

It was not as hard of a decision as I thought it would be. I looked at my budget and due to the decreased amount of food I am eating, I have plenty to afford. However, in looking at the released games coming out, there is only one I am really wanting (Zelda) and I think I can hold off on that for a while.

Also, I want to make sure it is a decent console overall. Of course Nintendo hits much of my nostalgia, being a older gamer, I remember very well the origins of Mario, the beginning of Zelda, and the joy of playing Mario Cart on the SNES. But in looking at the launch games, there is precious little I am interested in. Of course things pick up in the second half of the year, but I am starting to get to the age where I am more “wait and see” than I am “I have to get this right now!” I mean, in looking at the announced games, I am only interested in 4 of them.

  • Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild
  • Mario Cart 8 Deluxe (it better be more than just a reskin though)
  • Splatoon 2
  • Super Mario Odyssey

This makes me hesitant in investing in a new console. If I am finding that Nintendo is not giving me the games I am interested, whether that means my tastes have matured, or I am not Nintendo’s main demographic… which I suspect may be the case. And while the Switch is now getting Skyrim, it is frankly 5 years too late to hook me in with that. (Having how many Versions on my computer?)  Does this mean I am growing up? Are my fanboy days of Nintendo over? Have I been lost to the PC master race? Not exactly, but I will admit that waiting a few weeks (or months) for the console is a weird feeling for me.

Meanwhile, I have decided to go ahead and get Horizon Zero Dawn. The game looks gorgeous and the pre-release reviews look amazing. I am generally hesitant of the pre-release reviews now days due to the pay to play aspect to Gaming Journalism, I am looking forward to this game. This and Mass Effect: Andromeda coming out three weeks later will keep me busy until the Switch releases games that I want, or when I get bored of my stable of Blizzard Games (Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and occasionally WoW)

One thought on “The Nintendo Switch, and the reality of growing up

  1. If growing up means making more logical and rational purchasing decisions, then growing old doesn’t seem like such a bad thing at all. Let the early adopters be the test dummies while you sit back and wait to see how well the console performs critically.


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