News Roundup: February 24

Good Morning, it is Friday, February 24th, and here are the stories that interest me.

Germany has posted a governmental surplus for the third year in a row. The National Statistics Office has posted a 22.7 Billion Euro surplus from both the Federal and state governments, largely on the back of a robust labor force. Also relevant is the low employment rate pumping up the tax income of the country. This bodes well for Candidate Martin Schultz as he is running on infrastructure improvements int he country.

A Current HIV Vaccine Trial has left 5 HIV-Positive Patients “Virus Free” with no need of daily drugs. The trial, combining two potential HIV Vaccines as well as a traditional cancer treatment has given some limited results, with one patient not needing to take daily medication for up to seven months. While the study is small, it is showing overall effectiveness in in the medications and could greatly slow the spread of the disease. A Breakthrough is coming, and it looks like the vaccines and the treatments are starting to add up.

Ireland has followed Canada, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Northern Ireland in criminalising paying for sex. The move is geared towards tackling sex trafficking and protecting hundreds of vulnerable women in prostitution. There is worry that the bill will force more prostitution underground and will lead to a rise in attacks.

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev has appointed his wife, Mehriban Aliyeva, to the office of the Vice Presidency, which was created last year in a Referendum vote. The Changes to the Constitution last year also lengthened the term of the President by 2 years, as well as removing the age limit to run for President, leaving Aliyey’s son to run when he retires. With no term limits on the Presidency, this is seen as a move to continue Dynastic rule within the country. The country has been sliding into a more authoritarian stance with the arrests of several political activist and journalist leading up to the announcement.

And with that, have a great day!

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