News Roundup, February 21st

Good Morning, today is Tuesday, February 21st, and here are the stories that interest me.

Tensions are rising in Ecuador as the Presidential election results are coming in. The ruling party’s candidate is within reach of avoiding a runoff in the country with opposition parties worries that fraud will taken him over the line. Guillermo Lasso, who is currently running in second place, has surged in the polls in recent weeks with promise to evict Wikileaks founder Jillian Assange from the Embassy in London. Lenín Moreno wants to avoid a run off (if he fails to reach 40% and stay 10% ahead of his nearest opponent) as opposition forces would likely united against his campaign.

French Police have raided Far Right Candidate Marine Le Pen’s campaign office in Paris today  in relation to an investigation into the alleged misuse of European Union funds to pay parliamentary assistants. The move, coming during a contentious election where Le Pen is leading the polls, has been denounced by Le Pen as she claims it is a media plot to discredit her campaign. Le Pen is accused of misspending 300,000 Euros of EU Funds.  Le Pen currently leads the first round of voting, but would face defeat in the second round against both of her main opponents.

Saudi Arabia has announced a $50 Billion Renewable Energy plan to cut domestic consumption of oil, which has been rising in recent years. They are entertaining bidders in making a 700 Megawatt of wind and solar plants to off set growing domestic energy usage. Several Gulf countries have begun similar projects to curb oil usage int he country and save that oil for export later.

I hope everyone has a great day!


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