More than just a number

So, this is the first Friday after the Procedure. 5 days in, and things are going well. I am close to my old self again… except that I am losing weight at an alarming rate.

When I have been counseled on the procedure by my doctor, and by friends and therapists alike, they all say “Don’t think about the number.” But habits die hard, and I will be honest that I check my weight regularly. There is still “something” to that number that holds something. When I was gaining weight, it was a number I didn’t want to see. Now, it is the opposite. I see it, I blink, and go “ok, new low number for the week” until next time and I go “Ok, THAT’s the new low number” and so on.

But this post is not about a number, but rather… my wedding ring.

about 6 months ago, I started have trouble wearing my wedding ring. I would slip it on, and each day it would get harder and harder to take off. I would keep at it, burying the task in my mind, forcing myself not to think about it until one day, I knew I couldn’t put it on without having to seriously risk getting it stuck. As I removed my ring, a harsh red line was were it had been, and I knew I had outgrown it. Since then, it has sat on my desk, unworn.

I had not been happy with this development.

With the procedure, I knew I would be dropping weight, and today, as I was getting prepared for the puppy (more on that in the next post), I tried it on. It slipped on well, and surprisingly, I could take it off with ok effort. I smiled, put it back on and wore it all day today. My husband noticed as well, which made me happy. I just took it off and sure enough, there is that line, but it is not angry and red, just merely indented. I went to check my number, and realised, that today, I didn’t need to check the number, the ring was enough progress for today.

And I am happy with that šŸ™‚

Happy Friday everyone.

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