The short, chaotic, Trump Administration

Today is February 15, less than a month after the Inauguration of the 45th President, and today, we are seeing an Administration ran more like an episode of “The Apprentice” than a serious Presidential administration.

Last night we saw the first resignation of the Administration after 23 days. Mike Flynn has been no stranger to controversy, with both he and his son has been knee deep in controversies during the campaign and transition, with Flynn Jr. spreading the Pizzagate story at full tilt. (Remember that? it was only 2 months ago). Of course, as the resignation screamed through Washington, more details started to come out. Interim Attorney General Sally Yates told the Administration that Flynn had been compromised. It seems that she was ignored, and then later fired for not executing Trump’s Travel Ban Executive Order. I find this to be incredibly interesting, Yates, an Obama appointee did her job regardless of politics, and in both situations the administration chose to go against her. It speaks to the difference between the Administrations in how they go about business.

Then there is Congress, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the head of the Ethics and Oversight committee, refusing to start an investigation over the matter. And of course, the Washington Post and New York Times have in the last few hours released stories on how the Trump Campaign had regular contact with Russia.

We are not quite at a months folks, and this is the disaster the Trump Administration has wrought. Impromptu  meetings in front of hotel guests, The photographing of the man carrying the Nuclear football, we have no clue who was in that room and what they have heard, especially given that Trump has 64 foreign workers at the resort without background checks befitting a secure location for the President.

It is negligent, it is amateur, and it places the US in a precarious spot. In reality, the entire administration is compromised. Anything it does is suspect and we can’t know if it is being done for the good of the nation, or for the good of Russia, or anyone else. Every move Mr. Trump takes is going to be seen through this lens. We also do not know who Flynn collaborated with. If something happens now, a terrorist attack, provocation from Europe, or more from North Korea, or China, and we are waist deep into a situation we can’t get out of.

And what is worse is that the rank GOP is sitting on their hands as no one wants to go after the Administration so early. The Democrats are demanding, but with absolutely no ability to do anything, all they can do is yell.

I will say this: in 2008, people went after Barack Obama as being not fit for the Presidency and often talked about “being ready on Day 1.” Well, we are currently on Day 25 of the Trump Administration and there has been nothing to show us that they are ready for the realities of the office. From the top down, they have shown a level of incompetence that staggers the imagination in this day and age. This situation is spiraling out of control, and we must do something about it now before it causes more irreparable harm.

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