News Roundup: February 16th

Good morning, today is Thursday, February 16th, and here are the stories that interest me.

An infestation of armyworms is threatening Southern Africa’s key crops and could cause massive food shortages across the continent. It is unknown how the worms have arrived in Africa, but it is causing devastating results to many of the stable crops in the region: sorghum, soybeans, maize, groundnuts, and potatoes. This is on top of the worst drought in three decades in the region.

Police in Malaysia has arrested a woman believed to be in connection with the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam, half brother of Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea. As rumors swirl over North Korea’s involvement with the assassination, the woman in question was arrested at the airport trying to leave for Vietnam. North Korea is demanding the return of the body to the country, while Malaysia is steadfastly denying the request.

A wildfire is raging outside Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand. Evacuations and road closures have been announced throughout the region as a set of fires have merged into on large wildfire about 1800 hectares in size threatening homes in the Port Hills area in Christchurch. If you in the area and worried about the fires, listen to Newstalk ZB for live updates. There has been some criticism that the Government has not issues a State of Emergency in the area.

Somewhat short today as much of the news is centering on the ongoing story coming out of Washington. I will likely post something on that later today. Until then, have a good day!

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