The night before

Tomorrow morning, I will be going in for my procedure. it has been a good two weeks. I have hit 12-13 kgs down, and today, I am having regular food (I was going to do Steak tonight, but I decided on Japanese). Tomorrow, I head in at 7:30 am, and (hopefully) by noon, it will be done. From there, I will be relaxing in recovery sipping on my jello.

In talking to the surgeon, it is likely I will be on a liquid diet for a few days afterwards in order for the stitches to seal properly. So that will be me moving forward.

Emotionally, I feel I am ready. the last two weeks I have begun to work on the limited diet, and while I have grumbled, I know that it was leading up to tomorrow, and after that, I will want to slowly add foods again. Time and patience is going to be what I need. Luckily, the new puppy will be coming on a few days later, so… as with so much in my life, lots of change at once helps me out greatly.

I do feel a little apprehensive. I think that is a healthy thing to have at this point. I am not worried about the surgery itself, more so the after affects. Will the community accept me? Will I lose the weight I want? Will this truly change things? Positive thinking is essential here, but I am always one to think about more than just the positive.

and of course, I will talk about it here.

I think at this point, I will start repeating myself. So I will keep you all in the loop, and have a good evening!

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