News Roundup: February 13th

Note: Tomorrow’s News Round up will be late as I will be coming home

Good Morning, today is Monday, February 13th, and here are the stories that interest me.

In almost clockwork fashion, North Korea has Test launched a Ballistic Missile. The Missile traveled about 500 kms into the Gulf of Japan and has a potential range of 4,000 kms, but did not reach Japanese Territorial waters. The test coincided with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s trip to the United States. This is the first missile test done during the Trump Administration, who initially believed the test wouldn’t happen. Both the US and Japan have condemned the action.

In New Zealand, this weekend has been a tumultuous one. Since Thursday night, 700 whales have beached themselves near Farewell Spit and Golden Bay, near the top of the South Island. Of those 700, over 300 have died. There are still some whales stranded on the beaches, and hopefully they will be refloated today at around 11:30am. The event saw 100’s of people racing the the remote area to volunteer to save the whales. Project Jonah spearheads the rescue efforts in New Zealand.

In more New Zealand news, Prime Minister Bill English beat once world champion David Fagan in the annual Sheep shearing competition. English, a 5th Generation farmer, had a respectable shearing time, though he believed the world champion was taking it easy. You can watch the shearing in the link provided.

And lastly, also out of New Zealand, the beginning of the country’s Pride season began with the family friendly Big Gay out Festival in Auckland. PM Bill English and Labour Leader Andrew Little were in attendance. Bill English was a controversial person to attend having voted against Marriage Equality and other LGBT friendly legislation throughout his career. He however did not take the stage of the event as Former PM John Key had done in previous years, avoiding almost assured boos and protests from the crowd. However, Labour did announce that it will back the push to fund PReP, the medication that can prevent HIV in the country. The drug, called Truvada is expensive, however the patent on the drug runs out this July, meaning that a cheaper, generic drug will be available on the market for funding. This is a major boost for HIV groups hoping to eradicate the disease in New Zealand by 2025.

And in closing, I am about to head into the hospital today for my procedure. I will likely post a quick thing later today to say that I am alright, but don’t fret too much. I hope you all have a great day!

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