News Roundup: February 10th

(Programming note: There will be no News Roundup for Saturday or Sunday, as I will be out of town.)

Good Morning! Today is Friday, February 10th, and here are the stories that interest me.

Wikipedia has banned the use of the Daily Mail as a source on its pages. After discussions over a couple of years, culminating in a month long debate at the start of this year, the editors of Wikipedia felt that the Daily Mail is:

“generally unreliable.” It has a history of “poor fact checking, sensationalism and flat-out fabrication,” editors say, and things it reports as true can usually be found elsewhere.


While other seemingly biased sources are still accepted, Wikipedia has said that this may not be the only sourced banned moving forward.

With the first round of Ecuador’s elections next week, right-wing candidate Guillermo Lasso has pronounced that Jullian Assange will be evicted from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London within 30 days of taking office. Citing costs and saying the asylum is no longer justified, Lasso decreed. Lasso is sitting 7 points behind the the ruling party, but has been making gains in recent days.

Four of Iceland’s Volcanic systems have had a marked rise in seismic and geothermal energy causing some researchers concern. While nothing imminent, the four major Volcanic systems in the country: Katla, Hekla, Grímsvötn, and Bárðarbunga have all seen elevated levels of activity. Katla is seen as overdue for an eruption, having a cycle of 60-80 years with the last eruption being in 1918.

And in New Zealand news, the Government announced yesterday that they will review the cases of nearly 200 gay men who were convicted of homosexuality before  decriminalization in 1986. While not a blanket pardon, the government will review each case and may include an official apology. This is a pretty huge thing for many people my husband and I directly know, and it has been really interesting seeing the reaction from our community.

Also in New Zealand, Medsafe has given the green light for Truvada to be used as a Pre-Exopsure Prophylaxis, otherwise known as PreP, medication. This give the medication another step closer to acceptance and widespread availability in the country. The cost of Truvada is a prohibitive cost, causing PHARMAC, the nation’s negotiator and main funder of medications for the population from covering it. However, as the Truvada patent expires this July, news of a generic version at 10% of the cost will become available making it easier for PHARMAC to fund the life-saving medication.

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