On the subject of Pets

In the next week and a half, we will be bringing home a small puppy. This decision has been 4-5 years in the making when I told my (now) Husband, that I wanted a pet. This will not be my first pet, but it will be my first Dog I have owned since I became an adult.

My journey with animals has been a good one. From a young age, my family had cats and Dogs. My youngest recollection of pets were a cat named Tigger and a Dog named Odie. Odie the dog was not a smart dog, and promptly jumped the fence and ran away (at least my parents told me that). Tigger, however lasted about 6-7 years. He was an orange tabby cat who lived mostly outdoors. I remember vividly when we thought the Cat had died. It was a cold February day and there was a cat on the side of the road. My dad came home from work, and dug a hole in the frozen ground and buried the cat.

A Month later, Tigger was back on the window sill.

Ironically, a few months later, in the same spot as the other dead cat, our tigger was hit by a car. Dad refused to pick it up, and unfortunately, that was *our* Tigger.

From there, my Mom got herself a Persian cat, and soon we had several Persians in the house. I had a black Persian, called “Black Knight” nicknamed Blackie… which as I look back may not have been the best choice of a name. I had him for about 8 years, when one day, after coming home from college, I found him sick and unable to carry on.

For Dogs, we had Clint and Coffee, two dogs that lived outside all time. We gave Coffee to a shelter when we moved, and Clint went to live with my Grandmother, where he originally came from. My main interaction with them was taking care of them as part of my chores.

We also had a small dog in my late teenage years named Sassy. That was my sister’s dog, we didn’t keep her long as we didn’t have an enclosed yard and she scared the cats too much.

Post college life was an interesting time, I took care of my friends Pugs, and I started to fall in love with them. I also pined for cats, and eventually I adopted two cats, Phoebe and Calypso! I had them for four years until I handed them over to my mother as I moved overseas. I cried when I left them.

Since then, I have quietly pined for a dog. All the dogs in my life belong to other people, or were quite removed from my life. The 7 years taking care of pugs made me a huge fan of them, and I was always on the lookout for them. When we moved to New Zealand, and this became the place we decided to set up shop for the long term, our conversation went to a dog. What kind of dog? When should we get a dog? So many questions that we needed to decide.

After a long (and torturous) period, we did decide on getting a little pug, and long story short (too late!) we have settled on a little pug puppy, and her name is going to be Bailey, which has sentimental value (I will cover that in another post for another time).

The lead up to the Puppy has been torturous and last weekend, we bought all the puppy supplies we will need for the first bit. We have puppy pads, a crate, toys, a little harness, and so much more. We have a bed for it, plus lots of other fun stuff. I think the Husband and I are almost to new baby levels of excitement. It is interesting, Husband and I have never really wanted kids (we have discussed it several times, and of course people ask) but we have taken Dog ownership incredibly seriously. It is quite funny thinking about it honestly. While I do not like the term “furbaby” I will say I am looking forward to our new addition to the family.

And of course there will be pictures.

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