News Roundup: February 6th

Good Morning, it is Monday, February 6th, and today is Waitangi Day in New Zealand. Here are the stories that interest me.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull appeared on TV last night to clarify the recent story about the Trump/Turnbull phone conversation. Turnbull stated that Mr. Trump will honor the Refugee agreement made by the two countries, but is not happy about it. Further, Mr. Turnbull stated that Australia does not consider itself “indebted” to the US for taking the Refugees, insisting that any quid pro quo for Military assistance will not happen.

In Turkey, the Government has announced that it has conducted a early morning raids on a many sites across Turkey to apprehend ISIS Suspects. The Government claims that it has arrested over 400 suspects across the country. Turkey has been targeted several times in the last two years over its position in Syria, with several well known attacks that have left dozens dead. The Government announced that most of the suspects are foriegn nationals. That being said, since the failed coup last year, the Turkish Government has been targeting opposition leaders and factions as being ISIS sympathizers. The term “ISIS Supporter” may be a blanket term that the Government gives to opposition leaders as well as ISIS themselves.

There is a growing crisis in Yemen, the worn-torn nation is facing a potential famine due to food insecurity in the region. The Yemeni Civil War has raged for almost two years, and it has nearly half of the country “food insecure” with over 500,000 children categorized as malnourished. The UN is trying to rescind Saudi Arabia’s No Fly zone so that UN planes can land in Yemeni Capital Sana’a to deliver food and supplies to the nearly 14 million people under famine threat.

And finally, China’s National Energy Administration announced yesterday that the country has doubled its solar power capacity in 2016. Photovoltaic Capacity hit 77.42 Gigawatts. It is looking to invest 2.5 Trillion yuan ($364 Billion USD) into renewable energy by 2020.

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