Falling out of love with Football

It seems weird that I have no interest in this year’s Super Bowl. Despite moving out of the country 6.5 years ago, I have always tried very hard to keep up with football, either online, or watching it early Monday morning. Over the years, I started watching less, and last year, I gave up completely during the playoffs.

It is not me, it’s you.

My falling out of love with Football was not easy. When I was in my 20’s it was what I watched every Sunday, I would have my teams (Vikings, Jaguars, Colts, Skins) and I would watch almost any game. I also was deep into fantasy football, and I would obsess over stats, and keep an eye on each team and their players. I enjoyed it, followed it, and generally thought that Football was going to be my thing forever.

Maybe it was the time away. Not watching every game makes you start to notice the things that irk you. Or maybe it is being awake at 4am on a Monday and being annoyed at how many commercials are being played, to the point that there are more commercials that actual game time. Last season, during the playoffs, I literally watched more commercials than actual football… and when you are watching an international broadcast, those same 5 commercials just rotate. It is not a pleasant experience.

Then, there have been the scandals. From health issues, to ball issues, to the devil may care attitude of many teams and their players, it just became a game that had more drama than an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I will admit that inflategate really pissed me off long term. The whole process seemed convoluted, and in the end, it felt like the Patriots got away with it because it was the Patriots.

Last season, as I watched the playoffs, it occurred to me that I no longer cared about the game. Maybe I had moved on, maybe the game had changed… but it was more of a chore to watch rather than actually enjoying it. The game seems bloated, choking on its own hubris. So many stats that mean nothing, trying to moneyball why a team won each week. It gets to be too much, and unless you are deep in it, I can’t see it hold much attention for many people.

So, this year, despite having the day off here in New Zealand I am not going to watch the Super Bowl. If there is a good commercial, I will watch it online. Otherwise, I am not too fussed anymore. Instead, I will watch professional video game players on twitch and I will enjoy my day off (furiously cleaning ahead of my friend visit).

Or I will watch the Puppy Bowl, because seriously, puppies.

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