News Roundup: February 5

Good Morning! Today is Sunday, February 5, and here are some of the stories that have interest me.

Radiation in the damaged Fukishima reactor has started pumping out huge amounts of radiation in recent weeks, confusing researchers and workers on the ground. The radiation now exceeds 500 seiverts, much higher than the 73 seiverts recorded right at the height of the meltdown. While the radiation currently is contained and poses no danger to population centers, researchers are trying to figure out why the spike has occurred and how to slow it down.

News out of Romania, the Government has decided to rescind the corruption decree meant to decriminalize some forms of corruption. This comes after the fifth day of mass protests in the capital and mounting pressure from the EU. “I do not want to divide Romania. It can’t be divided in two,” said Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu as he said the decree will be repealed on Sunday. The decree would have decriminalize corruption up to a certain money amount.

A court in Singapore has sentenced a Saudi Diplomat to 26 months of Jail and to be stuck by a cane 4 times for molesting a woman in a hotel. The Diplomat, working in China, was visiting Singapore when the attack occurred. The Diplomat is still claiming innocence, and is currently out on bail. (Side note, this is a Singaporean news site, and I found it curiously interesting that they have a news tag for “Outrage of Modesty/Insulting Modesty”)

And Finally, a Human Rights Board in Nova Scotia has ruled that Insurance companies must cover and subsidize medical marijuana prescriptions, and will likely have effects across the country. The Human Rights board concluded that: “Denial of his request for coverage of medical marijuana … amounts to a prima facie case of discrimination,” the ruling states. “The discrimination was non-direct and unintentional.” Experts believe that similar motions will be made in the other provinces, leading to a Canada-wide policy.

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