News Roundup, February 4

Good Morning! Today is Saturday, February 4, and here are some stories that caught my eye.

Former Norwegian Prime Minister was detained and questioned for an hour at Dulles Airport in Washington DC for a trip to Iran taken back in 2014. The Prime Minister, visiting the US to attend the National Prayer Breakfast was held for questioning despite his Diplomatic Passport specifically stating he was a previous head of State. And what is personally incredible is that when asked, Custom fed the line that this is a result of an Obama order from 2015, a claim that the PM has pushed back, as since he has traveled to the US several times since the order and has not been stopped.

In Toronto today, members of multiple faiths will gather at area Mosques and for a “Ring of Peace” during Friday Prayers. in response to last Sunday’s attack on a Mosque in Quebec. The gesture, made popular in 2015 by a Muslim group in Oslo after antisemitic attacks, is being replicated in Toronto to give solidarity within the community.

Disturbing news out of Myanmar today as the UN has alleged the Buddhist country of ethnic cleaning its Rohingya Muslims community. 69,000 Rohingya have escaped into neighboring countries speaking of atrocities of rape and killing thoughout Myanmar by the military. The Rohingya are considered a stateless people and have been persecuted in this area of the world for a while, but Leader Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar has vowed the investigate the claims. There is no indication whether an investigation will come of anything however without an independent commission.

And Finally, a check in with Romania. Today they have seen further protests and the Month-Old Government still holing to their Corruption law changes. Senator John McCain and EC Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has made a statements critical of the Government’s law changes decriminalizing corruption under a certain amount of money. 150,000 protesters braved freezing weather to attend the now nightly protests, with protesters vowing to continue for as long as it takes.

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