World News Roundup: Feb 3, 2017

Good Morning, today is Friday, February 3rd, and here are the stories that interest me.

Fighting in Eastern Ukraine has been heating up over the last few days between Ukrainian forces and the Russian backed Rebels. Putin claims that the Ukraine is using the incident to pressure the EU and the US to forego loosening sanctions on Russia for their involvement. Meanwhile EU President Donald Tusk has told Russia to use it’s “considerable influence” in pressuring the rebels to stand down from the fighting.

Danish Company Dong Energy has announced that it will stop using coal to fuel energy within 6 years, making the company entirely reliant on renewable energy. Though 2015 saw a loss of revenue in the Danish government controlled company, last year it posted a 12.8 Billion Kroner (1.8 Billion US) profit, proving that renewable energy can be a moneymaker in the world economy.

Tech Billionaire Peter Theil is under renewed scrutiny for his New Zealand Citizenship application and approval. Granted Citizenship in 2011 after only 4 trips to the country and not fulfilling the other requirements for Citizenship. The Opposition has blasted the government for using “Citizenship as a commodity” while the Government has pointed to Theil’s giving NZ business Xero money as well as donating to the Christchurch Earthquake relief. Other tech leaders of New Zealand point to Theil’s access to major tech companies in the US as further value he contributes to the NZ economy.

Theil has been criticised for his support for US President Donald Trump, and has been questioned how he was able to retain citizenship so easily.

In a followup from yesterday, a Romanian Cabinet Minister has resigned amidst the growing protests over the rescinding of the anti-graf laws that have been put into place to stop corruption in the government. The decree will only make corruption charges legitimate if the amount of corruption is over 200,000 lei ($48,00 USD) and would put to a halt several corruption cases currently plaguing the government. The decree is due to take effect in a week, has sparked the largest protests since 1989, when Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist rule ended due to a popular uprising. Despite the Ministers resignation, the government plans to enact the decree.

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